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  • Learning from Museums in the Mekong Subregion—the Muosuo Community Museum in Yunnan Province

    Lecturer: Ms. Chunbo Xie, Staff of Yunnan Nationalities Museum

    In recent years, eco-museums have been established in ethnic minority communities in China as the new way of in situ conservation of both artifacts and ICH. However, can these “eco-museums” maintain the core values and keep to the key principles of the eco-museum? Initiated by anthropologists in Yunnan, a project named “Ethnic Cultural and Ecological Village” has been carried out since 1998. Based and developed from the theory of the eco-museum, the ideas of the “Ethnic Cultural and Ecological Village” are adapted to the current Chinese situation and may be called Yunnan’s version of the eco-museum. Later, these ideas are adopted by the local government and renovated into the idea of “Ethnic Cultural and Ecological Tourist Village”.

    This session takes the Monkey Lake Ethnic Cultural and Ecological Tourist Village as a case and examines the theory and practice of “Ethnic Cultural and Ecological Village.” How do different stakeholders get involved and make connections with each other? How do the local residents participate in the project? How is ICH safeguarded through daily activities? What challenges does the village face?

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